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The transmission, or gearbox, is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. A gearbox restoration or replacement can return a car to its maximum operating function, making your car perform much better but also saving you from thousands of dollars of other repairs. Many of our customers know exactly what they’re looking for and what they need but if you’re uncertain there are a few things that might show you need some advice. If you can smell burning transmission fluid, there is a transmission fluid leak, the check engine light in your car is on, your vehicle makes strange noises or it’s difficult to change gear or stay in a particular gear then you may need your gearbox looked at.

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Strip and rebuild or replace if cheaper.

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It can be an expensive process to replace a gearbox and it may be much cheaper to repair or rebuild your existing one. We always consider this as your first option because it is the most sustainable and affordable option. It’s also generally faster to have a rebuilt gearbox than a complete replacement, especially if we need to order you a new one. While we have many gearboxes on hand we obviously don’t stock gearboxes for all models and makes of car. In every situation we will let you know how long it’s going to take and what is going to be the longest lasting and most affordable option.